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We are tuned in to the needs of our network clients

Planet Studio has spent the last 19 years building expertise in network marketing and ad sales strategy. Whether the programming involves histrionic housewives, heartwarming holiday dramas, or home-repair how-tos, we understand the behind-the-scenes objectives, drivers... and stresses... that move our network clients.

Each year we help marketing teams prepare for insanely busy upfront seasons. As each client's unique needs have changed, we have scaled and redirected our initiatives to sync into their goal. From mailable kits to online paperless presentations, we have evolved with the industry while still offering innovative ways to stand out from the competition. Beyond upfronts, we've managed several continuity campaigns, creating fresh premium mailers and exciting sweepstakes to keep media buyers engaged throughout the year.

CNN Heroes

Some of our Happy Network Clients

Happy Network Clients

In addition to ad sales, we have a diverse team of creative specialists working on consumer-facing projects. Our capabilities include package design, DVD/Blu-ray authoring, interactive promotions & apps, program guides, video catalogs, advertising campaigns, and more.

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