Club Coke Consolidated
Bottling sales success: from first call to deployment

A more effective process

Club Coke Consolidated asked Planet Studio to develop a tool that would optimize the selling and administrative process for the nation’s largest independent Coke Bottler. The Coke team hoped to consolidate and create a more effective process that would result in sales reps pursuing the right opportunities and producing more accurate customer output documents. The tool would help streamline best practices and optimize the approval process, creating a checks-and-balance for customer contracts.

Confidence of having the right information

The Planet Studio team created a dynamic PDF tool with a more effective sales process, producing a first-class customer experience. The tool allows for reps to customize their customer plan to maximize their own profits. It offers reps merchandising choices that are best suited for them and provides on-the-spot calculations that make for easier business decisions. The PDF tool also boasts a faster electronic approval method, directly improving the process and providing expedited administrative support. By taking the time to understand the original process and structure and researching how to improve general sales and market challenges, Planet Studio was able to directly facilitate a bump in sales that is forecasted to bring a 20% increase in revenue over the previous year.

faster electronic approval method

…it’s a real game changer. Customers are spending more time with me and I’m able to immediately calculate the impact of adding elements within their store.
- Shawn O.
Coca-Cola Account Developer

Delivered opportunities

By working closely with The Coca-Cola Company, Planet Studio not only improved an inefficient process, but provided the client with confidence that they had the right information, allowing them to pursue the right opportunities and deliver fast, accurate orders which guaranteed the final delivery matched the initial customer agreement.

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