Bonfire Wines
Premium California wine.
Smarter package.

Made to Share

When Bonfire Wines approached us, the brand new wine company was ready to package its California wine in an innovative, more eco-friendly, and portable way – in a pouch! We were eager to help define the voice of the target millennial customer and to design the wine packaging, but we knew entering an already saturated beverage market was no easy task. It required a great deal of market research to develop strong points of differentiation so that the brand’s look, positioning, and messaging would best connect and resonate with the target consumers.


Contrasting, engaging colors and the unique pouch separate Ember and Ignite (the brand's first varietals) from their competition on the shelves, and the overall brand message conveys what was most important to Bonfire Wines as it launched in late 2013 – providing premium wine packaged in a smarter, more portable way. Recognizing life's best moments can happen at any time, these wines are meant to be shared. After all, "It only takes a spark to start a Bonfire."

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