On the SAFE side

Aramark wanted to rebrand and reorganize their various safety initiatives into one umbrella program, Aramark SAFE, centered around their safety mission statement and a new online tracking system. We also helped their risk management team to synthesize their materials, boost awareness, and create alignment across every tier of the company, from executive leadership, to outlet managers, to hourly employees.

Executive overview

We designed a PDF toolkit—and a CMS version to deploy through Aramark’s online portal—that explained Aramark SAFE from a top level. The toolkit explained all safety exercises and laid out roles & responsibilities for four levels of Aramark management—and provided an interactive resource for immediately accessing the tools required to complete those roles.

Training the trainers...and trackers

Our training videos showed outlet managers how to use Aramark’s new metrics and monitoring system to track safety activities, and to track frequency and causes of accidents.

Changing conditions and behaviors

Aramark’s SAFE Engagement Activities had to be quick and easy to deploy, specialized for different work environments, and effective enough to promote a renewed focus on safety among front-line associates.

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